A Valued Certification

BBQ — or “Q” as we call it at home — is at heart, a family tradition. A wood kist is a handmade wooden chest and an important part of this tradition. My daddy crafted his wood kists with cedar, giving them to my mama, his sons, and later, his grandchildren. Filled with what we treasured, we all still have our wood kists. Like our recipes and memories, these family heirlooms will be handed down, generation to generation. It’s in this spirit of craftsmanship and memories that I called my organic BBQ pellets, wood kist, and they’re a tradition that I’m honored to pass along to you. Harvested locally, here in the USA, my wood kist pellets have NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDITIVES AND NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING. Just like the local wood we cut and harvest in South Georgia, my pellets are pure and true “forest to flame.” Whether you’ve been cooking Q for generations, or are new to smoking, when you use my pellets, you’re using pure wood, that’ll burn clean and hot. These pellets are the first and most important ingredient in every recipe. Thank you for choosing my wood kist pellets. They have been designed to do the cookin’ for you, so you can spend time on the most important traditions of all — friends and family.