Sustainability Through Diversification

Business diversification is important to the Mohegan Tribe, so it created the Mohegan Holding Company, LLC to expand into non-gaming enterprises with a goal of being equally as successful in those endeavors as it has with its Mohegan Holding Company, LLC
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A Partnership of Champions

When Mohegan Holding’s Northeast Wood Products decided to add barbecue pellets to its fuel pellet business, it partnered with the biggest name in barbecue, celebrity chef and author, Myron Mixon.
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Scope of Business

Northeast Wood Products is just one of Mohegan Holding’s enterprises. It also has interests in restaurant franchises, office digital solutions, and sustainable energy resources, including the manufacture and sale of wood pellets for home heating.
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As the owner and operator of Mohegan Sun, the Mohegan Tribe has successfully translated its celebrated history into the East Coast’s most successful gaming and entertainment destination.
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Perfect Porterhouse Steak

A porterhouse is a big hunk of a steak that combines two cuts that are separated by a bone: there’s the soft, rich tenderloin on one side, and the firm and juicy sirloin on the other.
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Tips from Myron

Rest time is in some cases more important than cook time on big meats.