Pits in Every Size Imaginable

Whatever the need, there’s a Myron Mixon smoker for every chef who’s ready to barbecue. Whether it’s entertaining family and friends at home or cooking for the masses at a busy chain restaurant, Mixon makes the right model.
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A Match Made Over BBQ

The guy who runs the fabrication plant where the Mixon pits are made loves barbecue. Rob Marelli met Mixon when he hired him to cook for a party.
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Whatever Option, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buyers select from pellet-fired, gravity-fed or stick-burner models. Whatever they choose, they can be assured that with Marelli’s engineering and manufacturing abilities and Mixon’s BBQ expertise, they’ll be satisfied.
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Perfect Porterhouse Steak

A porterhouse is a big hunk of a steak that combines two cuts that are separated by a bone: there’s the soft, rich tenderloin on one side, and the firm and juicy sirloin on the other.
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Tips from Myron

Rest time is in some cases more important than cook time on big meats.