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Mohegan Holding Company, LLC is thrilled to partner with celebrity chef, author and award-winning BBQ Champion Myron Mixon to produce a line of barbecue pellets.

Mohegan Holding Company Announces Partnership with Celebrity Chef Myron Mixon

UNCASVILLE, CT (March 1, 2017) – Mohegan Holding Company, LLC, a business diversification arm of the Mohegan Tribe, is thrilled to partner with celebrity chef, author and award-winning BBQ Champion Myron Mixon to produce a line of barbecue pellets.

Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets will be manufactured by Mohegan Holding Company’s Northeast Wood Products, LLC. The pellets are expected to be launched at the world-renowned Memphis In May International Festival in May 2017, and available to consumers shortly thereafter.

“As part of our ongoing expansion efforts outside the gaming industry, the Mohegan Tribe has aligned with several best-in-class brands,” said Kevin Brown “Red Eagle,” Chairman of the Mohegan Tribe. “Our partnership with Myron Mixon is no exception, and we are honored that he has chosen our own Northeast Wood Products to bring his barbeque pellets to the retail market.”

“BBQ is at heart, a family tradition. For us, there is no purer form of cooking — you have your meat, smoke, family & friends — it’s that simple,” shares Myron Mixon. “Therefore, the quality of the smoker you’re using and the wood you’re burning are the two most important ingredients in any recipe. Thanks to a partnership with the community at Mohegan Holding Company, I am able to offer the BBQ community organic, pure wood pellets, harvested and made here in the United States. No artificial flavoring, chemicals, or ingredients. 100% wood, in a variety of great flavors. I could not be more pleased to lend my brand, and my experience, to a great product line.”

“Since aligning with the Mohegan Tribe in 2014, we have seen our operations grow to more than 250 thousand tons annual production capacity of wood pellet fuel for home heating,” said Mark Boivin, President and CEO of Northeast Wood Products. “We are excited to expand our production to include the Myron Mixon brand of barbeque pellets and look forward to a long relationship with Myron.”

“We take great pride in Myron Mixon Smokers, the USA-based manufacturer right here in southeastern Connecticut. While our quality smokers and technology make it easier to prepare great BBQ, it was imperative we offer our customers additional value and experience,” shares Rob Marelli, CEO/President of Seconn Fabrication and partner for Myron Mixon Smokers. “It was a natural fit for us to partner with Mohegan Holding Company to add quality BBQ Pellets to the Myron Mixon brand of products. We were honored to help facilitate this partnership, and look forward to another successful relationship with the Mohegan Tribe in the best interest of all the stakeholders at the table.”

Mixon is a four-time barbecue World Champion and has appeared on the reality television show BBQ Pitmasters as a judge. He has won nearly 200 BBQ grand championships and 1,700 BBQ trophies, including being named a four-time Grand Champion at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, where Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets are expected to be introduced this year. Due to the number of awards he has received during his career, Mixon is known as “the winningest man in barbecue.”

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Mohegan Holding Company, LLC was created by the Mohegan Tribe for business diversification in non-gaming areas, and currently includes interests in franchise restaurants, sustainable energy resources and manufacturing, and office digital solutions. The Mohegan Tribe was founded on the banks of southeastern Connecticut’s Thames River by Chief Uncas in the early 17th century. After its federal recognition in 1994, the Tribe opened the world-class casino resort Mohegan Sun on its reservation land in Uncasville, CT in 1996. The nine-member Tribal Council serves as the leadership for the sovereign nation, and also serves as the Board of Directors for the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (MTGA) in regard to the Tribe’s gaming properties and interests.