Benefits of Mixon’s Pellets

They’re so easy. Fill your hopper, set your temperature, and go relax with friends and family. These pellets will do the cooking for you.

“When a well-designed smoker is paired with a consistent, organic heat source — like the Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets — the outcome is amazing.”

— Rob Marelli CEO of Myron Mixon Smokers

Why Myron Smokes with Pellets

Forest to Flame

Wood for Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets is harvested in the USA and nothing but that wood goes into the bags. They’re pure and the perfect fuel for scrumptious barbecue.

How To

All Types of Smokers


Once your gas grill has reached the ideal temperature, add Myron Mixon BBQ pellets to a foil pouch or smoke box to enhance the flavor over the next 45 to 60 minutes. You’re going to eat this up.


Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets were designed to provide pure and consistent heat in your pellet smoker. Just fill your hopper, set the temperature, and let the pellets do the cooking for you. Perfect.


Add Myron Mixon BBQ pellets to a foil pouch or smoke box and turn your charcoal grill into a flavor machine for the next 45 to 60 minutes. Cooking with Charcoal has never tasted so good.

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Tips from Myron

Rest time is in some cases more important than cook time on big meats.